Grow Your Career in a Growing Irrigation Industry

Don’t just get a job, build a career. Work to create an impact and help Australia move towards a sustainable future of water efficiency. Over 70% of water is used in irrigation. Only through the work of trained, certified and dedicated irrigation professionals, Australia will help lead the world in Water Efficiency practices.

Irrigation Industry Australia

The irrigation sector in Australia can offer you career opportunities in both rural and city areas, from irrigating rural orchards to urban golf courses. Australia’s rural production increasingly relies on drawing water from natural river systems into otherwise arid country. Harvested water now supports large rural businesses, so irrigation has become an important part of the national economy. Used to improve productivity of agricultural lands (agricultural) Used to maintain urban lifestyles including parks and gardens (urban) Used for the deliberate watering of environmental assets Urban irrigation involves the irrigation of public and private gardens, sports facilities and the general landscape is a major part of the irrigation business in Australia. Here you will learn about the different irrigation career options and how you can pursue these careers. Select a career option and view the required education, training, work experience and certification required.

What is a career in Irrigation?

Water is the source of life and the irrigation industry has a role in a wide variety of fields, with careers specialising in agriculture, landscape and residential applications. From the manufacturing of irrigation and water related products, to supply and installation, to providing services like irrigation system design or advice.

Are you still in high school?

If you’re in Grade 12, you don’t have to wait until you graduate before you start your career in the irrigation industry. You can do your Certificate III in Irrigation while at school by getting sponsored by an Irrigation Dealer, Manufacturer, Local Council, etc. 

Identify which irrigation area you are more interested in.

Irrigation Designer

Irrigation Designers are professionals who use their knowledge of plants, soils and hydraulics to develop efficient and cost effective irrigation system designs which adequately meet a client's requirements. Choose between two Irrigation Designing Pathways; Agriculture Irrigation Designer or Landscape & Turf Irrigation Designer. Career Pathway >>

Meter Installer & Validator

Irrigation Meter Installers and Validators are professionals who are installing and certifying irrigation water meters for agriculture or commercial fields.
Career Pathway >>

Irrigation Agronomist

Irrigation Agronomist provides advice to end-users on system types, purchase and use. Irrigation Agronomists also troubleshoot, evaluate and audit irrigation systems.
Career Pathway >>

Irrigation Manager

Career Pathway >>

Irrigation Installer

Irrigation Installers are professionals responsible for installing, troubleshooting, upgrading or repairing irrigation systems. They use best practice when installing a system, and can recognise and minimise the environmental impacts of irrigation. Career Pathway >>

Irrigation Retailer

Irrigation Retailers are professionals working in the irrigation retail business who are using their substantial knowledge of irrigation hydraulics, pumps and components to understand and meet the needs of your customers. Career Pathway >>

Irrigation Operator

Irrigation Operator is responsible for operating an irrigation system in an efficient and sustainable way. Irrigation Operator is expected to use industry best practice for efficient use of irrigation water. Career Pathway >>

Irrigation Contractor

Irrigation Contractor manages the installation of irrigation systems post design. As a project contractor, you’ll have responsibility for how irrigation systems are installed and maintained, while seeking to understand client needs. Career Pathway >>

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