Irrigation Knowledge

Here you will gain knowledge and access tools to help you build your knowledge about irrigation in various application. Our goal is to provide growers, students and irrigation professionals with a variety of information that will help you in your study or work.

Irrigating Agriculture

Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources in Victoria through its Biosecurity and Agriculture Services are building up a Community of Practice around Irrigation in Agriculture, bringing together experts in the field to collaborate, network, learn from each other and create information for landholders and irrigators to use.

Drip Irrigation

Watch Drip Irrigation videos and educational materials by key industry suppliers like Netafim. Learn about subsurface drip irrigation installation and others.

Centre Pivot & Lateral Move

Watch Centre Pivot Videos and educational materials by industry suppliers like Valley Irrigation and others.

Landscape Irrigation

Learn more about landscape irrigation systems. Browse through the Landscpae Irrigation SYstems video library by leading industry suppliers like Hunter Industries.

Pipes and Fittings

Learn more about irrigation pipes, fittings and installation

Irrigation Australia eKnowledge Respiratory

Access more resources and irrigation information on the Irrigation Australia website.