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Our Meter Installation and validation course is nationally accredited and offers candidates the skills and knowledge to become an irrigation meter installer and validator. This training course provides a hands-on learning experience and in-field assessment on candidates skill and knowledge in accordance with the Australian standard AS4747, when installing and validating non-urban water meters in rural environments.

Learning outcomes

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone looking to become responsible for installing and validating rural water meters. This course provides candidates with an incredible opportunity to gain a nationally recognised certificate.

Become a Certified Meter Installer and Validator

It is a requirement in most State/Territories that rural water meters must be installed and/or validated by a Certified Meter Installer and Validator (DQP). 

A Certified Meter Installer and Validator is an industry professional who can install and validate rural water meters according to the Australian Standards and as laid out in the National Framework for Non-Urban Water Metering Policy Paper.

How to become certified

After successful completion of the three day meter installation and validation course and satisfying all the competency requirements, you will become a Certified Meter Installer and Validator – CMI.

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Units of Competency

  • NWPIWS004 Install meters for rural water supplies
  • NWPIWS006 Maintain meters for rural water supplies
  • AHCWHS301 Contribute to work health and safety processes
  • NWPGEN018 Follow environmental and licensing procedures
  • NWPNET019 Prepare and restore worksite
  • NWPNET029 Locate, identify and protect utilities

How to Study & Courses

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS – FACE-TO-FACE TRAINING: Students must have standard Language, Literacy and Numeracy skills and will be required to complete a Language, Literacy and Numeracy assessment at Certificate III level.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS – VIRTUAL CLASSROOM DELIVERY: Students must have standard Language, Literacy and Numeracy skills and will be required to complete a Language, Literacy and Numeracy assessment at Certificate III level. Students MUST also have the ability to complete a meter installation in your workplace.

COURSE PROGRAM & DURATION: This course is delivered in two (2) formats:

    • Over 4 half day Virtual Classroom sessions 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM AEST. Students are required to complete post-course assessments including short answer questions, assignments and MUST have the ability to install a meter in their own workplace and provide photo and/or video evidence.
    • Over 3 full days Face-to-Face 8:30AM – 4:30PM (Local Time). Students will be certified on completion of the course (no post-course assessments).
This course must be completed within 3 months from enrolment. Students who fail to complete the course within this timeframe and wish to continue will be charged a re-enrolment fee as per Page 15 of the Irrigation Australia Student Handbook V3.0 March 2020. MODE OF DELIVERY: Virtual Classroom | Face-to-Face | Post-Course Assessments

RESOURCES: Resources will be posted to the student prior to the course (Virtual Classroom Delivery ONLY)


    • We use Zoom for online training. You will be required to download the program and register an Account to access our sessions. More information will be provided on registration.
    • Access to a printer or scanner to submit completed assessments (consider downloading a scanner app on your phone)
    • Web Browser: Windows 7 or above to access webinar technology and latest and previous versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome
    • Webcam and/or headset for joining the virtual classroom
    • Plug-ins: Adobe Flash Player 9 is required
    • Network connection: Minimum 512 kbps connection is required
    • Firewall: If you have a firewall or a domain filtering program, access to the domains listed below needs to be granted

Require assistance? Contact Irrigation Australia on 07 3517 4000

Payment options

Upfront Payment Including Certification

This is the full payment covering the course delivery and the certification.
Members rate: $1,925 incl GST
Non-Members rate: $2,745 incl GST


Payment made by Individuals: In accordance with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015, the maximum amount of fees that may be collected in advance is $1,500.This means that if you enrol into a full fee-for-service qualification, you will need to pay by instalments. The first payment may be no more than $1,500 in accordance with the standards. This does not apply to companies or businesses who wish to pay the course fee upfront. Please contact IAL for further information on 07 3517 4000 or at

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