Basics in Drip Irrigation


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This course is intended to provide participants with basic concepts of drip irrigation, to familiarise the participants with the components of a drip irrigation system and their functions, and to provide an understanding of the basic operational and maintenance issues regarding this system.

Learning outcomes

Who is the course for?

Suited to participants interested in/already working in the irrigation industry who want to increase their knowledge on drip irrigation.

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Course Topics

  • Structure of drip irrigation system
  • Water source
  • Pumps and pumping stations
  • Filtration
  • Main, sub-main, distribution pipes and fittings
  • Water meters and pressure gauges
  • Valves
  • Dosing unit
  • Dripperlines (laterals)
  • Connectors
  • End of dripperlines
  • Sensors
  • Controller
  • Accessories and add-ons
  • Agro-machinery 

How to Study & Courses

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Students must have standard Language, Literacy and numeracy skills and will be required to complete a Language, Literacy and Numeracy assessment at Certificate III level.

COURSE DURATION: The full qualification can be completed within 18 – 24 months from enrolment

This course must be completed within 24 months from enrolment. Students who fail to complete the course within this timeframe and wish to continue will be charged a re-enrolment fee as per Page 15 of the Irrigation Australia Student Handbook V3.0 March 2020.

MODE OF DELIVERY: Virtual Classroom | Face to Face | Online Post-Course Assessments

Require assistance? Contact Irrigation Australia on 07 3517 4000

Payment options

Upfront Payment

This is the full payment covering the course delivery
Members rate: $325
Non-Members rate: $495

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