Certified Irrigation Operator

Certified Irrigation OPERATOR - CIO

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Who is Certification for?

If you’re currently working on an irrigation system and you’re responsible for the efficient and sustainable use of irrigation water, then you may be eligible to become a Certified Irrigation Operator. The certification grants you a point of difference in the market and a Certified Irrigation Operator is highly regarded by customers to provide a service that meets or exceeds the average industry standards.

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How to Apply

To become a Certified Irrigation Operator you need to be actively working in the irrigation industry, plus have three years relevant experience in assisting with the operation and maintenance of irrigation systems.

To become certified you will need to prove you can meet the requirements of five of the 8 units of competency listed below:

  • AHCIRG337 Measure irrigation delivery system performance
  • AHCIRG338 Troubleshoot irrigation systems
  • AHCIRG339 Monitor soils under irrigation
  • AHCIRG344 Implement an irrigation schedule
  • AHCIRG346 Operate pressurised irrigation systems
  • AHCIRG347 Maintain pressurised irrigation systems
  • AHCINF304 Install and terminate extra low voltage wiring systems
  • AHCWRK405 Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

Note: other Statement of Attainments that have similar skills and knowledge will be considered.


You are to email a copy of your Statement of Attainment or an academic transcript covering the relevant competencies. 

If you require training to obtain these competencies, email us at training@irrigation.org.au.

Maintaining Certification

Every 2 years participants are required to complete a re-certification process.

Irrigation Australia is ensures that certified personnel remain active in the industry and are keeping their knowledge and skills up-to-date.

Participants can demonstrate this by earning the required CPD – Continuous Professional Development points in the required timeframe to maintain their active status. Those failing to earn the required CPD points will be considered inactive.

Irrigation Australia will conduct random audits of 5% of all CPD returns each year.

10 points are needed every 2 years no matter how many certification credentials you have. Points awarded above 10 (to a maximum of 10 points) can be accrued to the next year.

How to add your CPD

To renew your Certification online, you will need to go to MY CPD via the Member Centre and click ADD ACTIVITY. You can select from the drop down list and add relevant points to your CPD.

These activities will be approved and verified by IAL and upon reaching the minimum of 10 points over the 2 years. You will receive an email advising that you have met the criteria for renewal.

Reminders will be sent periodically both before and after your renewal date.

If you are experiencing difficulty, please contact the IAL office on 1800 949 891 or info@irrigation.org.au and we can assist with your renewal or CPD activity. CIP – CPD Points Allocation V2 January 2021

Inactive Statuses

Certified Irrigation Operators who do not renew are considered to be inactive and are not permitted to use their CIO status for professional reasons until they renew their certification.

If the inactive period is less than four years, renewal can be made by paying all renewal fees and submitting sufficient CPD – Continuous Professional Development points to cover the inactive period/s.

If the inactive period is for more than four years, the certification is forfeited and re-certification will require the applicant to start the certification process over from the beginning, including all relevant training.

Require assistance? Contact Irrigation Australia on 07 3517 4000

Payment options

Certification Fees (member pricing)

Certification Fees (non-member pricing)

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