Irrigation Australia Certification

Certification prepares and equips Irrigation Professionals with expertise and key competencies. Certification improves your marketability, your employability, and your earning potential.

What is

Certification is a voluntary, national program of industry recognition. Certification is a designation earned by a person to certify that he or she is qualified to perform a job. Certification indicates that the individual has a minimum set of knowledge, skills, or abilities in the view of the certifying body to perform their job to the satisfaction of water managers and customers

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Specialist Certification

Certified Irrigation Designer

Certified Irrigation Designers have the technical expertise and an up-to-date understanding of the latest water management practices to design, install, manage and maintain a wide variety of irrigation systems.
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Certified Meter Installer & Validator

An industry professional who can install and validate rural water meters according to the Australian Standards and as laid out in the National Framework for Non-Urban Water Metering Policy Paper. Learn more >>

Building on your Knowledge

Certified Irrigation Professionals

Certified Irrigation Agronomist

Certified Irrigation Agronimist have the technical expertise to provide advice to end-users on system types, purchase and use. As well as troubleshoot, evaluate audit irrigation systems.
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Certified Irrigation Installer

Certified Irrigation Installer have the technical expertise and an up-to-date knowledge to install, troubleshoot, upgrade or repair irrigation systems.
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Certified Irrigation Operator

Certified Irrigation Operator have the technical expertise and an up-to-date understanding of the operation of an irrigation system and the effieicnet and sustainable use of irrigation water.
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Certified Irrigation Contractor

Certified Irrigation Contractor manage the installation process of irrigation systems post design and have responsibility for how irrigation systems are installed and maintained.
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Certified Irrigation Manager

Certified Irrigation Manager have the technical expertise and an up-to-date understanding on implementing best practice in irrigation and water use and can recognise and minimise the environmental impacts of irrigation
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Certified Irrigation Retailer

Certified Irrigation Retailer have the technical expertise and an up-to-date understanding of irrigation hydraulics, pumps and components to understand and meet the needs of their customers in irrigation retail business.
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"The certification takes you down the path to make you a better designer, it enhances your skills and make you more employable"
Peter Chadband
Irrigation Designer

How to Apply & Ongoing Commitment

To prove these competencies you have to get a Statement of Attainment for each of your nominated competencies from a relevant Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Irrigation Australia operates its own RTO (RTO 91313) – Irrigation Training Australia.

Competencies maybe gained through

  • Face‐to‐face: course work is usually conducted in a classroom situation 
  • RPL – recognition of prior learning: both formal and informal learning is assessed toward a qualification. 

To Apply

  1. Complete the online application form  including your work history (available on each certification page)
  2. Attach Statements of Attainment or academic transcripts covering the relevant competencies that you have already achieved (Do not send your originals. Send “sighted” copies which have been verified by a JP as an accurate copy of the original).
  3. If you have no academic records you can apply for RPL (recognised prior learning) based on your work experience (at an additional cost), simply indicate this on the application form for a team member to work through this process with you
  4. Pay the relevant fee on submission of the application form online

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