How to build your career as an

Irrigation Designer

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Application & Determination of Eligibility (Step 1)

Complete an online application. Participants must have a minimum of one (1) year experience in irrigation or a related field to apply to become a Certified Irrigation Designer.

Participants will be issued with a Step 2/3 Resource Manual for studying. It is recommended that the Irrigation 6th Edition is purchased as this reference is used throughout the CID exam process.

NOTE: CID Applications are active for a period of two years. Participants who don’t complete the three exams before their application end date will be required to renew their application to continue to sit exams.


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On completion of Step 2

General Exam (Step 3)

Sit the General Agriculture Irrigation OR General Landscape/Turf Irrigation exam. You will need to achieve the pass mark of 70% to proceed to the 4th and last step.

On completion of Step 2

Certified Irrigation Designer

You are now a trusted Certified Irrigation Designer for projects in the speciality you selected. Your goal now is taking all your knowledge and experience into practice. You have to maintain your certification by being active in the industry by earning the required CPD points in the required timeframe.